Architektur Data Warehouse My recommendation is to use hub and spoke DWH architecture and to adhere to defined conventions. The concrete design of these success parameters takes place in cooperation with all stakeholders of the project / system. It is important that the architecture is sustainable. This can be done effectively after the implementation of several rollout cycles and experience from the daily operation of the DWH. Personnel changes due to fluctuation and substitution regulations (keyword "training speed") and the expandability of the system are also an indication.

My range of services includes architecture conception, modeling based on the 3NF, Data Vault and multidimensional data modeling to define your Enterprise Data Warehouse. This can be done with an coaching approach or completly as a service by myself.
The challenge is to be able to cope with the steadily increasing amount of data and the desire to take data into account in reporting and analysis in a timely manner. Building on the defined architecture, I can meet any project requirements with my tool knowledge (Informatica PowerCenter and Microsoft SSIS) and knowledge of the procedural languages ​​PL / SQL and T / SQL. For me, the interaction of both (ETL tools and the databases SQL) is the key to successful implementation.
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